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President Obama Honors American AP Chemistry As Teacher of the Year at White House

SBARTSTV CREDENTIALED GLOBAL NEWS Like us at Facebook SBARTSTV Facebook Page http://tinyurl.com/4249w8f SBARTSTV New Facebook App:http://apps.facebook.com/sbartstv/ Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/sbartstv President Obama Honors American Teacher of the Year at White House President Obama honors 2011 National Teacher of the Year Michelle Shearer, a AP chemistry teacher at Urbana High School in Maryland, along with state teacher of the year winners in a ceremony in the Rose Garden. On a day set aside for National Teacher Appreciation Day, President Obama hosted 2011′s National and State Teachers of the Year for a reception in the White House Rose Garden. The President thanked them for their service to America’s youth, and shared the story of one of his favorite teachers.

But even after all this time, I still remember the special teachers that touched my life. And we all do. We remember the way they challenged us, the way they made us feel, how they pushed us, the encouragement that they gave us, the values that they taught us, the way they helped us to understand the world and analyze it and ask questions. They helped us become the people that we are today.
For me, one of those people was my fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Mabel Hefty. When I walked into Ms. Hefty’s classroom for the first time, I was a new kid who had been living overseas for a few years, had a funny name nobody could pronounce. But she didn’t let me withdraw into myself. She helped me believe that I had something special to say. She made me feel special. She reinforced the sense of empathy and thoughtfulness that my mother and my grandparents had tried hard to instill in me — and that’s a lesson that I still carry with me as President.
Ms. Hefty is no longer with us, but I often think about her and how much of a difference she made in my life. And everybody has got a story like that, about that teacher who made the extra effort to shape our lives in important ways.
In addition to honoring the teachers who had come to Washington, President Obama spoke of the need to continue recruiting the very best students and professionals to become teachers if we want to keep America competitive in the 21st century economy.

And that’s why we’ve set a goal of preparing 100,000 new teachers in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math over the next decade — fields that will give students the skills they need to compete with their peers anywhere in the world. And to help those teachers succeed, I’ve called on Congress to move quickly to fix No Child Left Behind in a way that makes it less punitive, more focused, more flexible. That means doing a better job of preparing teachers, doing a better job of measuring their success in the classroom, helping them improve in providing professional development, and then holding them accountable. Because if we truly believe in the importance of teachers, then we’ve got to help teachers become more effective.
In the words of one of my favorite poets, William Butler Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Teachers here today, and thousands like them, are surrounded every day by young people who will shape our future. But it takes a special person to recognize that. It takes a special person to light that fire, to raise our children’s expectations for themselves, and never give up on them no matter how challenging it might be.
All of us are here because at some point somebody did that for us. And so today, we are honored to recognize these outstanding men and women and all the teachers like them who have always had — and will continue to have — such an important impact on our lives.

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Giving Awards to People Who Make Peace by Seeking Common Ground

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For years, Search for Common Ground has honored people who work to settle conflicts. Singers Peter Yarrow and Humayun Khan performed at the group’s 2010 awards ceremony. John Marks heads Search for Common Ground.

JOHN MARKS: “We think the world should solve its problems peacefully in ways that enhance all the sides involved in conflict and these are people who are real great successes.”

Rugby in South Africa was long considered a white man’s game. But Nelson Mandela used the nation’s rugby team to unite the country. Joel Stransky had the winning goal in the 1995 World Cup.

JOEL STRANSKY: “The biggest lesson for me is that sport is a wonderful conduit to upliftment, to helping different societies in need, and not only raising money but helping everyone reach a common goal.”

Jordan’s former Queen Nur al-Hussein honored the film producers of Just Vision. They financed “Budrus,” a film about Israelis and Palestinians who work together to prevent Israel from dividing a Palestinian village.

NUR AL-HUSSEIN: “Thank you, Just Vision, for shining so courageously, harnessing that transformative and healing power by shining a light on the people and communities of our region who are committed to building a more just, compassionate and peaceful future together.”

Ronit Avni created Just Vision.

RONIT AVNI: “Over the years, we have learned how important it is for ordinary people to participate in the process of conflict resolution.”

The Common Ground Awards also recognized efforts to improve relations among the descendents of former President Thomas Jefferson. He had children with his wife, who was white, and with a black slave. Shay Banks-Young is one of the descendents.

SHAY BANKS-YOUNG: “If you would just sit down and listen to the other person, talk, share what you feel, get past the ugliness so you can get on to the grace of who we are.”

The Awards also honored the Interfaith Youth Corps. Eboo Patel began the effort to develop leaders who seek cooperation among people of different faiths.

EBOO PATEL: “We have to make sure that faith is a bridge of cooperation and not a barrier of division.” These peacemakers used different tools as a way to settle conflicts.

“I am Jewish, I am Christian, I am Muslim, I am Buddhist…”

Singing for open-mindedness seemed to be a good way to look for common ground. I’m Jim Tedder.

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